Professional Event Photography
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Gov. and Mrs. Pence during innagural ball,
Gov. Daniels and MG Umburger inspecting tornado damage.
Sen. Richard Lugar performing an awards presentation.
Special event for the Amerian Lung Association.
Conner Prairie Golf Outing
Mary Feik, Womans Aviation Pioneer
Lungs In Motion Walk & Celebration
Indiana State Police water rescue demo
Conner Prairie 4th of July Celebration
Special Olympics Polar Plunge
Indiana Wing Conference
Conner Prairie History on Tap
American Lung Association Spring Gala
Colts Blue at Just Cuz event
 Indiana Okinawa Kenjinkai Picnic
Variety Club Christmas Party
National Search Dog Alliance Conference
Conner Prairie Country Fair
Indiana Homeland Security Midwest Conference
National Emergency Services Academy
Conner Prairie special event
Indiana Homeland Security K9 Training
Combat Medic Training Course
Talbot Street Art Fair
Salvation Army Summer Camp Program
Indiana DNR Law Enforcement Academy Graduation
Glider Orientation Flight Program
Decatur July 4th Parade
Wayne Township Fire Dapartment training event
Columbus Scottish Festival
Indiana State Museum Star Wars event
Just Cuz school event
Experienced in covering large and small events from awards presentations, business meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, banguets, and other such events.