And now a word from the public...

Thank you very much for your images.  We are very pleased with the way they turned out in the journal.  

Sarah Kneeborn
Education Officer

In looking for possible cover images, I visited Flikr and found an image taken by yourself entitled 'Little girl, big watering can'. This would make a lovely front cover and I would like to ask your permission for us to use it.

Julia Willison
Head of Education
Botanic Gardens Conservation International
Richomnd, Surrey, U.K.
He has always been almost impossible to sit still for a photograph and hates having his picture taken.  When I saw the pictures of him I actually cried.

Jennifer King

Thank you for being part of our recent events.  We would like to say for your first few events you have done well.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

Brightroom Event Photography
The pictures look great!  We are very, very pleased with them.  Some even made me laugh out loud.  I'd love to work with you again in the future!

Liz Zuercher
Director of Development
American Lung Association of Indiana
Thanks Gary. We appreciate your good work!

Terrill May
Coach, Circle City Kings
Your Civil War pics rocked!
I'm the Graphic Designer at Conner Prairie, and I couldn't help but notice the amazing photos you took at Civil War Days a few weeks ago.
I was wondering if you'll be out again this weekend to hit up Indiana Festival. We're always looking for new photography for our events, and I'd love to see how you would shoot this event.

Kristina Schott
Graphic Designer
Conner Prairie Living History Museum
I found your photo online and am interested in licensing it for the Onion's newspaper. We're not looking for exclusive rights, just a usage license.  I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Michael Faisca
Graphics Editor
 I love your animals pictures, they are so cute.
Would you mind if we used a few select images on the 'Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' website?  www.spca.com.

Thank you
I really have enjoyed browsing through your albums of Conner Prairie - they are definitely high quality shots with such vivid color. I would like to purchase or receive a copy of that photo for Shirley's scrapbooking that she is doing

Mike Schmidt
I saw Your Photo Gallery. You Really do good work. May Your work keep growing.

C.S. Jackson.
Love your Butler U. Photos! We're trying to collect new images to use on our Admission site. You can submit up to 10, and we'd love to see you add some.

I think your work is quite good, and I like that you shoot a wide variety of subjects. So, I enjoy getting ideas and inspiration from people like yourself. I recently bought a 40D, and I have a lot to learn. Thanks for sharing your work with everyone.

Earl Gallagher
This morning one of the members sent me your site and I had a chance to  look the pictures. Wow!  So many breathtaking photos was in the site.  Thank you!  thank you,,, 

Nano Clark
Indiana Okinawa Kenjinkai
Your picture is great.  It is nice having someone that knows what they are doing and can provide us quality images.

Neil Probst
Volunteer Magazine
The pictures are wonderful!  It means so much to me to have you care so much for our kids.!  I have been here 33 years and I know you are the best!

Les Altman, Coach
Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired 
Thank you so much for your time and efforts at the 2008 Conner Priaie Golf Classic.  Your pictures are great!

Megan Wiles
Conner Prairie Living History Muesum